It’s been a while since I started to look for the ideal bag for my camera, but I haven’t decided yet.

I’ve thought that all this time searching would be less wasted if I share my discoveries with you. I’m sure most of you have the same problem as me, or just want to try an other option.

Choosing the right type.

My first doubt was to determine whether is better a backpack or a messenger format.

1. The good thing about the backpack type is that is so much comfortable to carry with it, however, its accessibility is worse. In other hand, there are certain situations in which I would be afraid of having all the gear on my back, out of sight.

2. The messenger type just hurts. The problem is having all the weight on one side only, but is more accessible.

Obviously, it will all depend on how we are going to use it, but we are looking for an option that could work in any possible situation. If they weren’t so expensive, I would just buy one of each.

If we are going to use the bag to carry the gear to the place and once in there we don’t have to carry it anymore, then I think the best option would be the backpack.

But imagine for example that we go to a wedding. There isn’t any fixed place for us to leave the gear, but we have to carry with it everywhere we go, for our own sake. In this case a backpack would force us to take it off every time we want something that is inside. Same case if we are traveling and we want to take pictures on the go.

If we choose the messenger for that usage, it must fulfill these requirements:

1. It should be accessible in order to pick up things on the go without taking it off.

2. It should be easy to walk with it. Mine isn’t.

3. The restraint must be comfortable. It shouldn’t slip or hammer in your shoulder.

For the points two and three, it would also depend to the weight you are carrying.

This last point made me think that if what we are looking for is to carry our camera always with us, to capture every day details, then the best option is to choose one of the smallest ones. One that won’t allow you to pick up accessories. If it weight too much you won’t take it as much as you want.

Another factor to consider, that is the mistake I made when I bought my last bag, is that the camera has to enter in the bag with the lens placed in it. It sounds obvious, but for me it wasn’t. If you are forced to place it any time you want take a picture, you’ll ask yourself if that every day detail you wanted to capture is worth it.

Choosing our favorite design.

Having in mind last requirements related to the shape, now we are going to have a look to the best brands I’ve found.


They seem practical and functional, but talking about design I think they are the ones I like less. They seem designed for men. Yes, they are for working, but they could be more stylish. The other factor that makes me think they are designed for man is the sizes they are made, I could get in one of them with my camera and have other person carrying with both of us!

However I fell in love with this one. I can’t believe it has weels!!!

But I’m not sure if the guides will hurt on the back…

tenba camera bags

tenba camera bags

Kelly Moore

Then I found Kelly Moore. The opposite of Tenba. They are absolutely designed for women.

Their designs are inspired on women bags but they are padded in their inside. Now they also have some designs for men, but they started as a women brand.

If you like this trend, my pice of advise is to first try it yourself. It’ll probably keep you form buying one or at least you’ll buy it having tried something similar before. I did it with a big bag and the actual padding of my current bag. It fit perfectly but the problem was that the handles and straps weren’t supposed to carry so much weight and they hurt.

For this reason, if you choose a Kelly Moore bag, pay attention to it. I’ve noticed that some of them have normal handles and straps.

3 Annies

Same philosophy as Kelly Moore, but different designs.


Same as last ones but with an extra of glamour. With one of this for sure nobody will never guess what is inside!

Ona bags.

And finally, the one that is on the lead of my list. Ona.

Once decided the shape of your desired bag, next choices are a matter of taste. But in my opinion, talking about design, Ona really makes the difference.

I love The Bowery to carry it always with me. Depending on its material the price could vary around 100$.

If some nice person wants to give a gift to me, I would really love this one. ^_^

This would be the pretty version of Tenba packpack we were talking about. The bad thing is this hasn’t got weels 🙁

Ona bags

Ona bags

And these are their «women bag» versions. My favourite is The Palma.

There more brands, but the majority of them are inspired on women bags, as 3 Annies or Kelly Moore, but less crafted and with crazy prices. Check out this one.

If you know more options, I would love to add them to the list!

I’ll let you know which of them is the winner.

Hope this information is useful to you!

P.S. As always, please excuse any errors in my english! Feel free to correct anything you want through the comments.

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