Help me choose please…


After putting it off for months, having written the task thousands of times in the agenda, leaving post-its everywhere, etc., I’m finally creating a brand new website, it was still being fash. Oh my God! 0_0

It is almost finished, but I’m stuck choosing a proper picture of me for the “about me” section.

Since now I’ve never showed myself on the web page, but now I see it is important to give the opportunity to possible clients to know you too, not only your work. It generates trust on you and helps them to understand better what you do.

We focus so much on getting better that we often forgot this little details.

As many photographers, I hate being photographed, but it was something I had to do sooner or later, so for this I trusted an old friend of mine, Pedro Talens. Only friends are able to stand so many complexes.

So, despite making picture selections day by day, when you are the one that is in the screen it turns to be harder. I can’t stand almost any picture I’m looking to the camera, I like better the ones I’m more casual but I don’t know if it would be better to use one that you can actually see my face ^_^


I’m not able to decide, so I wanted to ask you the favor to help me choose one picture where I came across like a nice person.

To make it easier, I’ve uploaded a folder with six pictures to facebook, so you only have to click on “I like” on the one you think is better.

Thank you so much!