To work better and happy


This is my workspace, where I spent big part of my days.

If we see it that way, we’ll understand perfectly the importance of feeling good in this space. Despite of having a proper organization, this space should transmit to you positive energy.

Clean it often and keep it neat, you’ll find it less harder to come back to it. You’ll notice that suddenly it come back to it’s natural chaos, but that’s good signal, it’s because you are using it. Establish a weekly day to sort out the mess. For me the best day is Friday, that way you start Monday with everything under control.

Decorate it with pictures that inspire you or that remind you great moments. That will make you happy when you look up.

Add funny thinks that make you smile, you’ll see how this little details make your days quite better.

In terms of productivity, it makes a difference to have everything at hand. Try to have everything that you are going to use in your working day, at hand without having to stand up. Standing up constantly will distract you and will make harder to stay focussed. The other way around, if you don’t stand up to get what you need and leave it for other moment, it will remain as an open loop in your mind trying to not forgetting it, so it will affect your efficiency too.

Try to separate visually the elements what belongs in the desk permanently to what is in transit and incomplete, like agendas, calendars, notes, material to process, etc.

My workspace is inspired in David Allen’s system. Click in the image below to see all the details.


To fully understand how this organization works, you should be familiar at least to David Allen’s workflow.




There’s a huge difference in productivity and inspiration when you feel good in your workspace. You only have to dedicate a few time to design yours and you’ll confirm yourself.

If you like mine, here are some elements you can easily have.

1. The screensaver is Fliqlo, you can download it for free here.

2. The little greenhouse is from Ikea. It is from the new catalog. Here for less than 13€.

3. The bottle with the inscription “Water Lover” is from Ohsho, 10€.

4. The 24-70mm is a gift from Marco, I believe he found it on eBay. I use it as a pencil vase, but most people use it as a water vase.

5. The composition in the wall is mady by the collection Ribba from Ikea. It still on sale for less than 50€.

PS. If you want more ideas for your own workspace, you will love this.

P.S. As always, please excuse any errors in my english! Feel free to correct anything you want through the comments.

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