How to live slow


Note: For those who don’t know me well, I’m a very practical person and obsess with productivity. I’m not the kind that believe in everything is told, but I’ve tried this and I promise it works. Hope you believe in me and try it too!

Some months ago I started, without noticing it, a personal movement to a self-sufficiency and personal realization that has been becoming a learning and experimentation experience that conects me to a slow life for some time.

This coincides to when I started living alone, almost a year now, that has been the cause of too much time to think without distractions. Without having anyone being witness of my acts, I’ve been feeling owner of my own and of what I do, and it makes you be more conscious on what you spend your time.

Years ago I read a book that made me think but which I didn’t understand as I do now. After so much time came to my head some of its sentences. It was The Praise of moving slow, by Carl Honoré. A reflection about the life we live, without time to do what we love and with a lot of time wasted on thinks we don’t really appreciate. Above all, it encourages you to ask yourself how is the life you want to live and if your current life is like it.

I really like it because is not about the utopia of a completely slow life, but it has a realistic approach. We are in a hurry and we will still, however, we can optimize our time to having it all, we only need to thing a little and to organize better.

The perfect example is the time you waste watching TV, completely done by inertia. It doesn’t makes you feel fulfilled, and when you finish it you are the same as when you started doing it. Our slow activities should be something you really want to do, something we pay attention to and something that when we finish it we feel rewarded. This activity you are looking for is the end of the sentence “I wish I had time to do…”. Well, you have that time, and you are the one who decide on what to spend it.

I’m not going to talk about time because I would need an other post. We all have the same time, but it seems to me the most busy people are the ones that organize worst.

I’m going to tell you the formula that has worked for me and I wish it works to you too.

All this started after too much weekends working from monday to sunday simply because I had always something to do. We full ourselves thinking that we are more productive the more hours we dedicate to what we have to do, but it is not true. It comes a point in time when we don’t get new ideas and we got stuck, so if we invest some time in other tasks it will give us better focus and resolution when we come back to work. I can tell you.

Well, the key is to plan your spare time as it was an other weekly task. Other way it wouldn’t have its space in your agenda because there will be always something more “urgent” to do.

Sundays are the perfect day for this, it is the day that not being productive is socially jusfify and this thought is in your head too. I dedicate each Sunday to one of my new hobbies and If I want to do more next day I have to wait until next Sunday. You will get surprised Sundays are not more this day when you do nothing but regret that Monday is coming, but the day you are expecting to the rest of the week.

During this year I’ve grown a garden which vegetables I can eat, I’ve done handmade props to my shoots, by different techniques as common sew, patchwork and cross-stitch. I’ve learned how to made handmade soap and next week I’ll try doing bread at home!

It is true what Carl Honoré said in his book, slow activities connect you to yourself and make you happier. While you are doing them you feel like playing again and when you enjoy them you really appreciate the value of the things that had been made with time and love.

I will tell you when I eat the next salad from my garden and wash my hands with my new soap!

I was going to write you the receipt to the soap, but it is already a long post, I’ll leave it for next day!

I’d love to know about your experiences in your comments!

P.S. As always, please excuse any errors in my english! Feel free to correct anything you want through the comments.

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